Why HDA Construction

Our attention to detail is unmatched.  We don't cut corners and have many tricks of the trade to separate us from others.  From stone saw cuts, to blowing grass clippings out of flower beds shows we go the extra mile.  We finish projects the right way.  When it comes to hanging culture stone or stone veneer, we use a stone thin set to hang the stone and not mortar.  This costs us more but the result is longer lasting stone work, and we believe in quality work that lasts.  We also use a polymer sand for all paver patio projects.  This type of sand doesn't wash out, prevents almost all weed growth, and stops ant hill being made between the paver joints.  Another reason why we stand out from other contractors, we have a three year warranty on all stone and patio work (other contractors only give a one year warranty), some limitations apply.  We treat all of our customers properties like they are our own.  Safety for our employees and our customers is one of the most important thing to us when providing our services.  We strive to provide topnotch and quality craftsmanship for an amazing price.  Take a look at the top two pictures for examples of attention to detail.

We provide other services to make life easier on our customers.  We offer delivery services for soil, stone and mulch, minimum 5 yards.  We also decorate for Halloween and Christmas.  We provide sprinkler irrigation turn ons and turn offs for the winter.  During the winter we offer snow removal both residential and commercial properties.  If you don't see the work you need done, don't hesitate in asking, we probably do it.


We only use poly sand for our joints even though it costs more than mason sand.  The poly sand will harden and help prevent weed or grass growth between the pavers.  Once it hardens the homeowner can wash their patio off without worrying about washing out the joint sand.  To make sure the paver joints are filled completely we use a walk behind tamper with a protective mat to vibrate the pavers and set the pavers into the base material.


When we talk about finishing the job properly, we mean cutting corners and radiuses the right way, and our attention to detail is top notch.  The first picture show how an inside boarder 90 degree corner is supposed to be finished.   There are very few contractors who take the time to make this intricate radius cut around a drain pipe in the second picture.  We take great pride in our work and it shows.

We do many different types of jobs as seen by the above picture.  We installed a 55 foot by 12 foot by 12 foot batting cage for a customer so his daughter can practice fast pitch softball pitching and batting



The top two pictures show a house undecorated and the bottom four shows what we did with the yard for Halloween.  The front walk and porch had animatronics that lit up, moved, and gave off creepy sounds and scary phrases.  The home owner said they were the envy of their neighborhood.

We provide outdoor christmas light hanging for the holiday season.

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