Outdoor Patios & Walkways

Our outdoor work includes but is not limited to installation of outdoor entertainment areas, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, pizza ovens, patios, walkways, retaining walls, steps, sitting walls, and decks.  We install pergolas and other outdoor wood structures too.  We also offer repairs, rebuilding and cleaning of the above services.  All of our stone, brick, block, and paver work is installed by former union bricklayers who went through 4 years of apprenticeships, not a weekend warrior class for certification or a landscaper pretending to play bricklayer and stone mason at work.

Be the envy of your friends and family with the perfect outdoor entertainment area.  Our outdoor kitchens include running water and electricity.  Our fireplaces and patios are custom built and designed.  We don't believe in putting in cookie cutter patios, our's standout from one another and other contractors.  We also install all plantings around our entertainment areas.  We keep the customer's needs and desires in mind.  Add value, style, and functionality with a touch of charm to your back yard while being able to hold more social gatherings with friends and family.

Before, during and after of an outdoor entertainment area right on Lake Erie.  The home owners had an existing concrete patio that was cracking everywhere and a sitting wall that kept moving.  we installed a concrete footer for the new sitting wall to prevent future movement.  We also installed electrical for the water feature with the half round nitch along with a gas fire pit.  The sitting wall has a charcoal accent layer to enhance the wall while the columns are capped off with a natural stone called limestone for that elegant look.  The patio, fire pit, walkways and steps has a charcoal accent ribbon just inside the soldier course boarder for that finished look.

An elevated outdoor patio with multi_level steps along with a sitting wall and a lower retaining wall.  We installed drainage pipe behind the walls to help reduce the hydrostatic pressure build up.  we also installed a natural stone garden along the lower retaining wall.The wall is a single split base block and we had to manually split the block on site to have a double split and triple split face block to finish the look.  We installed landscaping fabric to help prevent the erosion of the fresh topsoil.


The above pictures show a before, during and after a custom patio installation.  We tore out the deck then installed an elevated paver patio with a concrete base, retaining wall, sitting wall, outdoor fireplace, steps, covered patio along with electrical and cable within the fireplace.  As you can see we ran all the light switches on the side of the fireplace in the wood bay.  Cable and electrical was also run through the fireplace for an outdoor television.  Electrical wire was run in the ceiling for recessed lights and a ceiling fan with electrical outlets on the columns.  Cedar tongue and groove boards were used for the ceiling and precast stone for all the wall and column caps.

A covered outdoor entertainment area including an outdoor custom fireplace with a sitting wall around the entire patio.  The patio included a set of steps, walkway from the driveway, electrical in the ceiling of the outdoor living area, and a jacuzzi tub.  We also installed a rock garden along with landscaping fabric underneath the rocks to help prevent weed growth.  All of our fireplaces are always lined with fire brick and fire clay mortar inside the burn chambers.  

Before, during and after of a front walk way and retaining wall installation.  the retaining wall is terraced with cap stones.  A french drain was installed before the front door to help assist in drainage.  We installed 4 inch drain pipe behind each wall to reduce the hydrostatic pressure due to rain storms.

A paver patio installed for a walk out basement connected to the stairs that lead to an elevated deck.  The patio has a fire pit along with charcoal accent pavers outlining the patio.   The retaining wall is a natural stone and is a green product since it was reused from a previous job and used on this one instead of being thrown out.

The above is before, during and after of an outdoor entertainment area.  This area has low voltage landscape lights within the sitting wall and on the sides of the fire pit.  The cap stones are a natural limestone.  Electrical was run to the prefab grill/bar island.  This patio is 750 sq./ft fits perfectly with the customers needs.

The above shows the before, during and after of an elevated paver patio with a sitting wall added on for seating.  The first set of pictures shows what happens when the wrong retaining wall block is used to hold back dirt or base material.  We moved the steps so the lower patio can be easily accessible from the upper patio.  The added on sitting wall adds plenty of extra seats without taking up patio space with chairs.  As the pictures show the sitting wall was double split faced on the job site for a professional finished look.

This patio, walkway and retaining wall was completely ripped out and relayed including a new set of step and a new walkway.  We reused the walkway pavers for a new walkway and reused the circle pavers.  We added new pavers and widen the walkway from the driveway.  We also added a new set of steps on the backdoor.  We installed a concrete footed under the retaining wall we relayed and added a drain pipe behind it.

The above shows a 800 square foot patio with a walkway to a fire pit.  The two columns have low voltage lighting added along with another light in the center of the sitting wall.  The sitting was has a three course high back, along with cap stones.  The sitting wall back is double split faced and was done on site.

A rip out of a stamped concrete patio replaced with a mini retaining wall/ step with a paver patio.  There is no job thats too big or too small for HDA Construction.  From simple to elegant, we can do it all.


Before, during and after of a paver patio with a sitting wall and columns.  We incorporated three set of steps in this patio.  With the two set of steps leading off the patio into the yard adds greater access to and from the patio.  We also poured a concrete footer under the retaining wall for a solid base.

We added on this lower paver patio with a natural stone sitting wall and fire pit.  This patio works perfectly with the walkout basement.  The fire pit sits in the middle of a Washington Circle pattern.  We added steps between the upper pool and patio area with the lower patio for easy navigation between the two entertainment areas.  We always line the bottom of our fire pits with lava rock for a professional finished look.

This rectangle patio is 400 square feet with a sitting wall and fire pit.  We also added on a set of steps to access the patio from their sliding back door.  We lined the fire pit with fire brick, fire rated mortar and lava rock on the bottom.  As on many other jobs we poured a reinforced concrete footer under the sitting wall so the wall will never shift.

This fire-pit and sitting wall incorporated a natural rock that was pre-existing in the landscaping.  A fire-pit is an economic alternative to an outdoor fireplace.  The sitting wall provides convenience for a gathering area around the fire pit.  The bottom picture shows two low voltage lights built into the wall to add safety, elegance and charm to the fire pit.


Here is a concrete walkway that we replaced with a paver walkway along the side of a house.  The walkway leads to the back patio and pool.

We build our outdoor entertainment areas to last.  We build our bases out of cinder block with a reinforced concrete footer because they will far outlast wood or landscaping block bases, but we can install any of the three if the customer chooses.  All of the cinder block is wrapped with a sone of the customers choice.

Our kitchens have running water, electrical outlets for mini fridges and back splashes to help keep the side of the house clean and stain free. There are three types of natural stone used in this project above (Blue Stone, Labrador Granite, and Western Slate), and all of stone is recycled and being reused because the home owner wanted to go green.

The above shows a paver walkway and retaining wall step to the front entrance of a private home.  The existing walkway was a concrete walk that settled.

On this job we added a new walkway and relayed the entire existing walkway, you can tell new from old by color.  The old walkway we decided to lay it with a basket weave set on a 45 degree angle.  The new walk way was laid in a herringbone pattern set on a 45 degree angle.

To separate the old pavers from the new pavers and to tie in both patterns together, we put in a perfect circle ribbon between the boarders and between the patterns.  All that needs to be done is bring in some top soil and plant grass and spread the dark mulch in the new flower bed.

This customer had us add a sitting wall to a patio we installed for him.  This wall helped add more seating area to the patio without taking up room on the patio itself.  The steps are built out of the same stone as the way and the patio is laid in a basket weave on a 45 degree angle.


Before and after pictures of a paver Washington Circle installed within a concrete patio.

No matter how big or small the job is, we treat them all the same.  Here is a front concrete walk and step that we replaced with a paver walkway and retaining wall step.  We set the herring bone patter on 45 degree angle.

Here is a patio installed under a deck that connects to a walk out basement.  The layout is in a herringbone pattern on a 45 degree angle with a soldier course boarder.

Here is a mini walk way with a step that connected the driveway to the back patio and the back steps that led to a lower level of the property.  we had many different grades and levels to work with on this project.


Before and after pictures of a walkway that was installed by us.  This walkway connects the pool pad to a covered gazebo.  There was an area in the right picture where chairs can be placed when a bar is installed under the wood structure.


This customer went with a raised patio.  First, block walls were laid with steel I-beams running between them,  Corrugated sheet panels were laid on top of the I-beams, and then 4 inches of reinforced concrete was poured on top.  After a week and a half of curing, we laid the pavers on top.  All that has to be done is finish the columns with culture stone, limestone caps and a cast iron fence.

We added this walkway on the back of a house to connect the driveway to the back patio.  This walkway helped out quite a bit since the back of the house would catch water and was un-walkable.  So we installed the walk and some drainage pipe to help drain water away and now no more muddy shoes.


Here are a few pictures of before and after for a paver walkway at a set of apartments.  We always use a consistent grade on all sloped walkways.  By this we mean, the walkway is flat and we don't install hills and valleys.


A before and after set of photos of a paver patio.  No matter how big or small we install all size patios.

Here are two other walkways.  The first we laid the walkway level with the drive, the existing walk was 4 inches below the top of the driveway.  The second walk was under construction at the time of the pictures and was installed to tie the driveway to the back deck with an area for grilling.


This front walk was installed with a natural blue sandstone and mortar was used between the stones.  There's an area where a small table and chairs can be placed without affecting the flow of foot traffic to and from the front door.

This is a walkway across the back of the house.  The walkway connects the driveway to the rear entry door and back patio.  The walk has a consistent slope from the drive to the patio


This set of steps was rebuilt.  The first picture shows what the steps looked like before we started work.  The second shows the finished product.


This is a 430 square foot patio off the side of a home.  We also built a set of wood steps in the picture to the right.



Here's a set of pictures of a before and after patio installation.  This patio has a different style and color boarder around the patio.


The homeowner tried repairing this walkway on their own and they got in over their head.  We relayed the top pad and parts of the walkway that was removed by the homeowner.



The above pictures show a before and after of a walkway rip out and relay.  We ran a herringbone pattern with a soldier corse boarder.


This is a before and after pictures of a walkway and retaining wall rebuild.  This is a herringbone pattern with a soldier course boarder.

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